Looking for land for sale sherwood content ? Sherwood Content is a small town in Trelawny Parish, Jamaica. The area consists of two adjoining villages, Sherwood and Content. Sherwood content is also the home town of world record sprinter Usain Bolt. It contains the Sherwood Content Health Centre, a post office, Waldensia Baptist Church and Waldensia Primary School.

Set in the green rural community of Sherwood Content this land opens many great opportunities. The plot available in Sherwood content jamaica is mainly flat with a slight slope to the rear. Many local fruit trees have been planted on the land for sale sherwood content produce Natural organic food all year round. There are building materials on the land included in the price. Enough steel cement and sand to lay your first foundations in your future home.

Bamboo Rafting In Jamaica

Take some time to relax and see the beauty of Jamaica’s Martha Brae River from a 30-foot (9-meter) bamboo raft. Pass over rapids, catch sight of wildlife, splash over the side to swim in the river, or simply enjoy your time aboard the raft with a tropical rum punch cocktail.

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Bamboo Rafting Jamaica

Usain Bolt Is From Sherwood Content


The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt often visits his respective home town of Sherwood Content with tourists visiting generating a fantastic income for the town.

Usain Bolt Said “I can recall having many fun Christmases in Sherwood Content, and not because we had a lot, but because our community came together and made the most of what we had,” said Bolt. “This treat is a continuation of this community spirit which will in turn help to create fond Christmas memories for the children of Sherwood content.”


Usain Bolt From Sherwood Content

Miss Lilly Bolt’s Bar And Shop

Miss Lilly Bolt’s Bar and Shop is located in Coxheath on the northern edge of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. Lillian Bolt, the Auntie of Usain Bolt, “Lightning Bolt Usain”, the world’s fastest man. She is well known for her hospitality, and for the fine times found at her wonderful bar. The shop serves the people of the district and also visitors to Jamaica’s famous Windsor Great Cave. Miss Lilly’s shop is located on the Sherwood Content to Windsor road. it is the last place to buy provisions before you venture into the wild hills of the central Cockpit Country.

lilli bar

Winsor Caves In The Cokpit Country.

At the deepest point traversable in the Cockpit Country is the minuscule hamlet of Windsor, best known for the nearby Windsor Caves and the Windsor Research Centre. In the 1700s, the Windsor Estate was part of the vast land holdings of John Tharp, who operated it as a cattle farm.


Winsor caves jamaica

Local Hospital In Falmouth


Falmouth hospital jamaica

Burwood Beach Falmouth

Trelawny is a great little spot. For those who know the island and want to be close enough to Dunns River. Not right in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios.

Land for sale falmouth jamaica


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